Seeing what we are working with

We started assesing right away what work needed to be done before the first Chicago snow. We had to see what we could afford and what was a need for the camper rather than something we would just want.

First we need to replace the old insulation and repair any previous water damage.  This means pulling down the ceiling and some of the walls. Also protecting the roof and caulking any holes where air or water could get in .

Next we need to frame out a new bed.  Orginally the bed was a red velvet couch with storage underneath.  It also had the metal attachments for a loft bed above the couch but no loft bed came with the camper. We decided we would want the bed to be bigger and didnt need anything that changed into a couch seeing as we have the dinette.  So we would make a permanent queen bed with storage underneath.

Also on the to do list would be painting all the cupboards and walls white.  Reapholster the cushions for the dinnette and to fix the dinnette table. We would also like to make new curtains for the windows and repair the window screens.

There will be much more to do in the spring before we leave but this is a good list to accomplish this fall.

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